Welcome to Eve & Grace, my name is Marsha Powell a Mother of two children and the founder of Eve & Grace, Battersea’s Boutique Wellness Studio. I am excited about meeting you all over the coming months and developing a community of individuals who want to slow down, reconnect and just be on their wellness journey.

For years’ being healthier has always been at the top of my New Years Intention list, however, I found it difficult to find a space in my life alongside a place to turn the intention into reality. I didn’t want to go to the gym to be a part of a packed class with no interaction with those in my class and I was not sure whether a Yoga Studio was the place for me either as Yoga was not my thing. When I spoke to others in my network I realised many felt the same and that is where the inspiration for Eve & Grace came.

Summer 2015 I read Mastin Kipps book Daily Love, Growing into Grace, a compelling story about the journey to finding purpose and spirituality. At the end of the book, I had an agggh agggh moment, which focused my attention on my wellness and the flow of my life and not just being healthier. I realised that to be healthy, you need to take a holistic approach to being well, so focus on your mind, body and spirit.

The vision to create a boutique space that welcomes all regardless of where they are on their wellness journey developed in Summer 2016. With the appreciation that in busy London, it is difficult to find time to focus on developing a balanced healthy lifestyle, especially when you have a family, pressurised career or just don’t know where to start. We know that being healthier is always at the top of most peoples New Years Intention list, however, many people have not found a place to turn the intention into reality. We at Eve & Grace are here to support you in making the first step or finding a place that you can continue your wellness journey. Why not treat yourself to our Intro Offer £40 – 20 days unlimited access to all classes.