A group coaching workshop to bring more balance and wellness to your life

Saturday 21 April, 2:00-4:00pm

If you’ve been feeling like you’re constantly giving your time and energy to others and feeling exhausted yourself, then this session is just for you.

Ever noticed how we’re quick to say YES to others and yet not to ourselves? We constantly add more and more to our To-Do List feeling like the more we do, the more valuable we’ll feel and yet it leaves us burnt out and frustrated with our results.

Trying something new can feel daunting. After all when we’re stuck in a habit, even if it’s not serving us, we can feel kinda comfortable with it. It’s familiar. Yet if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results over and over again. So if you’ve been wanting to do something different, you just haven’t known how that’s exactly what this workshop is for. We’ll give you the steps. The how. So you can start feeling more energised, connected and balanced in your life.

What if you could create space in your life to pause, to take a deep breath, and to reconnect with what’s really important to you? What would that give you?

Join us for this interactive wellness workshop, facilitated by Life Coach, Danielle Brooker from The Daisy Patch. Danielle will guide you through three super simple strategies you can apply immediately to bring you more clarity, energy and connection to YOU in your life right now.

What you get:

  • 2 hours of YOU time (need we say more?!)
  • Clarity to know what to focus on next
  • An action plan to keep the consistency going after the session
  • Inspiration from others wanting to create a change in their lives right now

What others have said:

“The workshop was excellent, I found the practical examples very easy to relate to. Danielle was incredibly knowledgeable, warm and really focused on the needs of the group. I feel refreshed, with a clear idea of the things I want to focus on (and not focus on) going forward. Made me realise it’s ok to put yourself first every now and then”.

“I am finally feeling like I’m ready for change. It was lovely being in a room of like-minded people. I realised I’m not alone.”

“I found the workshop very useful for focusing on myself in a positive way. Danielle gave us some useful tools and pointers to take away and practice in my life. I felt it was a great introduction to some coaching techniques and lovely to come away feeling more buoyant and happier in myself.”

“Today’s workshop has left me feeling refreshed and recharged, with a sense of focus and awareness to concentrate on some things in my life and shed those which don’t serve me!”

“This session made me feel empowered and at ease with myself.”

To book your place head here.

Limited spaces available, so book early to avoid disappointment. 😊