We have all been there , on diet that we are not enjoying, trying hard to maintain ‘healthy weight’ ,low energy and fantasising about what we can not eat.

The question is how do you maintain energy levels and remain focused on the diet?

Here are 5 simple tips you might find helpful that has helped many of my clients to have it all; energy, enjoyment, healthy weight- without feeling like you are on a diet. aving a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

  1. Always carry a snack and water with you.

How many times have you felt hungry and feeling like you need an “energy boost”? Making you feel like you want to grab a quick snack from nearest shop, which may not be the healthiest.

The effects of the snack will not be particularly beneficial to your body. You would be much better served by having water as we often mistake dehydration for hunger.

Easy snacks to keep in your bag: apple, small bag of mixed nuts or almond & coconut covered chocolate balls (recipe below).

  1. Eat for energy not for weight loss.

Most of the time when we eat for weight-loss we incorrectly opt for low calorie, sugar loaded snacks such as Special K, Weight Watchers yogurts etc. which are empty calories and do not satisfy you/ your body or give you lasting energy. When you are eating for energy, you choose foods that satisfy your body; are wholesome and gives you that “feel good” feeling.

Examples of lasting energy foods: spinach and all other vegetables, low sugar fruits (berries, apples), protein, good fats (nuts, avocados, oily fish etc.)

  1. Have meals that consist of 3 Key Ingredients: Fats, Protein and Carbs (they are not evil).

By having a combination of all 3 in every meal makes you more satisfied and full without feeling that something is missing. If something is missing in the meal, the body will be craving most likely sweets. For example:

Fats: nuts, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, oily fish.

Proteins: chicken, fish, other meats, nuts, legumes.

Carbs: rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

  1. Enjoy your food.

I know its may seem like a no brainer, but engage with food that you can enjoy, that is colourful and full of flavours.

  1. Slow Down.

Take your time eating, and enjoy every mouthful of your food. Sometimes you may need to turn off your phone or TV to appreciate the flavours. Chew your food longer will enable you to connect with your body.

Blog Post by Liga Krumina,  Functional Health & Weight Loss Coach

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