Katherine from Goodness Gracious Foods Shares her journey


Starting a business

Starting a business is a time of boundless energy and dedication to your cause. It is exciting and a you-can-do-anything time. But what happens after you have been doing it for a few years and you are still struggling to break even?

It seems that unless you choose technology you won’t get funding, but what if you don’t want funding and actually want to build a business that is sustainable and according to your principles rather than those of investors? What if you want to be answerable to yourself, and your family, rather than to investors who may not share your ideals?

It is a tougher road to travel and growth is not so quick, unless you are super lucky. You can grow organically, following leads where you want to and doing the donkey work. Learning all aspects of the business, top down, bottom up. You make mistakes, you learn, you win some and you celebrate. It’s a slog, day in day out, you live it, you breathe it. Because you want to. You love the Adrenalin that doing it for yourself brings.

Your Purpose

This is your purpose, your Bhakti, this is what makes you get up in the morning, put up with the crap that inevitably comes. This is your life’s work and it thrills you, the excitement of growing something, the pride, the ego. Each person’s definition of success is different.

It’s busy, being a working mum too. If it is your own business, you never stop. Even on holiday, you still have emails and questions to be answered, tasks to be done. But you love it and it is not a chore. Your children are proud to see their mum working, particularly as she is the boss. There are compromises, for sure.

Just don’t get bogged down. Keep your mind alert, your body fit and strong. Your mental and physical wellbeing keeps you strong, keeps you motivated, keeps you going when times are hard when you wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel. The energy you need because it is yours, your passion, your baby. It is not easy running a business, particularly a startup. It’s hard work. But network, and not spend any money that you are given save it for a rainy day.

Don’t worry about plagiarisers, they keep you on your toes. You think you do something original, that cannot be patented and others come along and take your idea and pass them off as their own. These people will always exist but don’t worry about them.

Do your thing, focus on what you do. Do it well

Blog written by Katherine Gubbins founder of Goodness Gracious Foods

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