How Rachel Got her Groove Back…..

I expected to be tired, overwhelmed and to feel like I didn’t have a clue what I was doing with this tiny newborn, who arrived into our lives in November 2015, but naively I didn’t expect to lose so much confidence. This massively affected my wellbeing and was something that I think is important for new mothers to be aware of.

I’ve always been outgoing and fairly self-assured, after having Jenson my confidence vanished. Puff. Gone. I really felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore and was having a serious identity crisis.

Fashion and clothes have always been important to me. Don’t get me wrong I’m no style icon but I’ve always felt like dressing up is a massive part of who I am. Following my birth via emergency c- section I felt at a loss of what to wear and how to look. What do mums wear? Twin set and pearls? Breastfeeding Bretons? Pjs?

I appreciate there can be negativity associated with social media but for me, it has been nothing but positive, in particular, Instagram. Being able to follow inspirational woman such as @dresslikeamum usually whilst tiny human attached to your boob at 4 am and seeing that actually as a new mother you can be every bit as ‘cool’ (ha!) as you were pre- tiny human.

Finding Myself again ….

Getting back to wearing clothes I love and my bright lipsticks really made me feel so much better. Yes, I may only be going to a baby sensory class but why can’t I wear my swishy silver shimmery skirt? I hugely appreciate this may seem narcissistic and trivial when a lot of women go through an extremely tough time physically and mentally postnatally.

In essence, try and remember who you were pre-baby and try and find a way to incorporate that back into your day to day life. For me it was clothes and red lipstick, for others it may be yoga, singing or drawing!

You’re even more incredible then you were before giving birth, you grew a tiny human and delivered it safely into the world. That superhero status! Right?

Blog written by Rachel King

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