Why does society think that we need to reinvent ourselves?  We get bombarded with New Year, New You statements at this time of year.  The implication is that we are not good enough the way we are…   This is something that I do not believe, so that is why I am determined that we create a new trend… New year, happier, healthier you…

Yoga is one way to achieve this – one aspect of yoga’s emphasis is on self-acceptance and self-love.  Allowing you simply to stop judging your body and to just experience it. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and the reason why it is stood the test of time is quite simply it works. It changes you from the inside out – regardless of the initial reason why you ventured onto the yoga mat.

Slowly over time instead of trying to change your body, you will appreciate your body for the magnificent vessel that it is. Your yoga journey is where the transformation begins as you change your habits and the conditioning learnt during your life.”  Allowing you to feel more at ease in your body as well realigning the thoughts you have about your body, eliminating our inner critic.

Your Body does not need to change 

Eventually, you will see that the body does not need to be changed and has carried you through numerous situation without the harsh punishments we put it through in the pursuit of the ideal something.   This is where the body confidence and self-love of you begin.   Your body will fight tooth and nail to keep you alive that is how much your body loves you – but sometimes we forget this. As a non-competitive activity yoga truly allows you to connect mind and body.

As your yoga journey unfolds you are transformed in ways that you could not have imagined.   This could be seeing how flexible and strong you are not only physically but also mentally.   Many people when they come home to themselves they have a story of how yoga healed them or that they were able to be inspired to change careers – something that I have first-hand experience of.

Once you get it….. the things you learn on your mat can be carried into your everyday life.  This is where the yoga not only allows you to connect with your self but with society – creating union.  Leading to a less stressful life, without dis-ease and generally a healthier lifestyle.  Allowing us to navigate this life a little better, all you really have to do is show up on your mat.

Yoga works and is for everyone

Yoga is on trend right now…. the reason very simply is “that is works”.  Why do you think it has been around for thousands of years and is certainly not going away anytime soon. This is why is it important to evolve the image of yoga and make it accessible for every BODY.  So that more people are encouraged the take up this ancient practice and experience its many benefits.  There is a style of yoga out there for everyone.

Yoga isn’t a panacea, a cure that heals all. But it does allow us to see and appreciate the miracle we inhabit, to move from a world that wants you to base your worth on physical beauty and ideal body shapes into one that teaches us to honour the power our body offers. You can still be body positive and want to make changes out of self-love and self-improvement’, it’s way too easy to get caught up in the hype of looking a certain way and forgetting the importance of a healthy active lifestyle for your bodies health and mental health.

I have heard so many times that individuals have made changes to their bodies only to find that it has not made them happy.

So go on get on your mat and appreciate the wonderful you!!

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Blog written by Donna Noble

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