Join us on Sunday 18th November 1-3pm for the

Feldenkrais Method Workshop. Cost: £30

What is Feldenkrais?
The Feldenkrais method uses gentle movement to access the nervous system so that we can develop new connections in our brains and learn new ways of acting. This influences how we move, think, sense and feel.

The Benefits
Unique movement combinations of the Feldenkrais Method enable you to release tension in your shoulders. As this happens the neck, head and arms become freer. This creates a greater capacity to move more freely in everyday life, and in other exercise or movement practices, you may do.

This workshop is beneficial whether you have pain or not. Most of us unconsciously carry tensions and move in habitual ways that don’t serve us. This workshop can bring awareness to these limitations, and increase the potential that is unknowingly stored within!

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