Do you suffer from lower back and associated leg pain?

In this session, Mala will be guiding you through a specialised yoga class to support you with managing lower back and leg pain.

Using a variety of props, Therapeutic Yoga helps you achieve the poses without putting pressure on your spine, ensuring you get the full benefits of the pose. Once settled, you will stay within the pose for 5-10 minutes to fully receive the benefits that they have on your body.

Mala guides her class with the goal to enable you to have the tools and knowledge to stengthen your practice independently in your every day life.

Essentially, yoga is a science that approaches the human existence in a holistic manner, ultimately harmonising the body with the mind. Working with the body’s muscles and bones (asanas), breath (pranayama), mindfulness (meditation) and central nervous system, yoga therapy’s comprehensive system offers treatments that can alleviate current and chronic ailments. Ultimately, it is not just about fixing the body, but healing and rejuvenating it.

Saturday 26th January

2pm – 5pm

Ticket £65